Features of Nimi Places


  • English
    This project has inbuilt English localization.
  • Autoupdate
    Is cap­able of checking ​for updat­es ​and autoupdating.
    Relative paths support
    Contain­ers have support ​for us­ing relative paths.
  • Language translations support
    Interface language can be changed us­ing custom translations.
    Online help
    Project has online help — documentation, frequent­ly asked questions — section.
  • Smooth scrolling
    Contain­ers can be smooth scrolled either by mouse dragging, keyboard ​or mouse wheel.
    Customizable appearance
    Contain­ers can be individu­ally customized by us­ing themes.
    Customizable item size
    Items size ​for each container can be set individu­ally from large to really tiny.
    View modes (in Places)
    Places type contain­ers can dis­play items us­ing one of two avail­able layouts — either as icon grid ​or multi-column list.
  • Customizable visibility
    Contain­ers can be set individu­ally to either be always visible ​or to be visible only when desktop is focused.
    Align containers to grid
    When positioning ​or resizing container by holding shift its size ​and position snaps to grid.
    Resolution changes support
    Contain­ers position is sav­ed ​and dynamic­ally restor­ed per dis­play (e.g: projector) ​and its resolution.
    Local shortcuts
    Some shortcuts can be dis­play­ed as local e.g: pre­view­able elements, directories while still keeping their binding.
  • Labels
    Labels can be used to organize files & fold­ers, by highlighting those with one of avail­able colourful labels.
    Files ​and fold­ers can be sort­ed by name, extension, type, label, sub items count, times clicked, size, creation ​or last modification date.
    Container name label
    Place type container can show customiz­able name label either ​on top ​or bottom of the container to help dis­tinguish from each other.
    Files and folders rules
    Rules can be used to duplicate, move ​or create link to changed file ​or folder matching chosen condition (pattern, current place ​or hour) under observ­ed directory.
    Quick search
    When typing ​in focused container it will be automatic­ally scrolled to first query matching ele­ment by its name.
    Customizable elements order
    Elements can be individu­ally arranged ​and their order will be pre­serv­ed.
    Display properties
    Contain­ers can be set to be dis­play­ed only ​at given location, hourly schedule ​or condition (e.g: specific foreground window title).
    Sorting by content
    Files ​and fold­ers can be sort­ed by their content ​and grouped into sets of matching similiar: images, audio files, documents ​and other files.
  • Video thumbnails
    It generat­es own video thumbnails ​for possible formats to provide easy identification of video files.
    Image thumbnails
    It generat­es own image thumbnails ​for crisp, high quality image thumbnails.
    Fast note taking
    Past­ed bitmap, text ​or html are automatic­ally sav­ed as quick note files of their type with name responding to actual dat
    Media preview
    Video ​and audio files can be pre­view­ed direct­ly from container us­ing inbuilt media player front-end.
    Image viewer
    Images can be view­ed direct­ly from container us­ing inbuilt image viewer.
    Open Documents thumbnails
    It has support ​for dis­play­ing thumbnails of some of Open Documents formats like text documents, spreadsheets ​and pre­sentations.
    Image croping
    Images view­ed ​in inbuilt viewer can be circle ​or custom shape cropped ​and copied to clipboard by mouse selection with key modifiers.
    PSD thumbnails
    It has support ​for dis­play­ing PSD image format embedd­ed thumbnails.
    Internet shortcut thumbnails
    It can generate own thumbnail ​for internet shortcut files.
    Directory thumbnails
    It generat­es own directory thumbnails either as files grid ​or cover image if pre­sent.
    PDF thumbnails
    Is cap­able of rendering thumbnails ​for support­ed PDF files.