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Nimi Places 20190618 released

Build 20190618 of Nimi Places brings numerous fixes and revisions.

Build 20190618 of Nimi Places brings numerous fixes (including further collections related) and revisions.

Most importantly threading and error handling have been thoroughly revised.

Nimi Places 20190618

  • Improved older operating systems compatibility.
  • Optimized batch adding to collections.
  • Optimized surfaces merging.
  • Revised and partially optimized containers menu initialization.
  • Revised checking what path points to.
  • Revised container surfaces initialization.
  • Revised containers unloading.
  • Revised context menu showing.
  • Revised database initialization.
  • Revised directories observing.
  • Revised loading resources flags.
  • Revised main menu to initialize on demand.
  • Revised menus disposing.
  • Revised Nimi Places locking.
  • Revised thread error handling
  • Changed default string comparer.
  • Integrated notification area icon into core instead of being separate control.
  • Revised directories changes estimation.
  • Unified file-system requests handling.
  • Fixed adjusting message filter for older operating systems.
  • Fixed application freeze if error occurred during closing.
  • Fixed backwards compatibility conversion loop.
  • Fixed caller thread could request terminating itself on error caused finalization.
  • Fixed changing closing state to error caused if error occurred during closing.
  • Fixed empty "open with menu" option appearing.
  • Fixed generating visible items index.
  • Fixed invalid comparer used for dual key lookup.
  • Fixed item details reading.
  • Fixed items sorting.
  • Fixed not handling bad format exception when loading resources.
  • Fixed pasting into container relative to item.
  • Fixed playback button not being set.
  • Fixed restoring shell queries cache.
  • Fixed setting target path if clicked selected item.
  • Fixed swapped name and command when restoring shell queries cache.
  • Fixed update dialog custom download url change comparison.
  • Other changes, fixes and updates.

Mentioned projects

Nimi Places
Organizes desktop into containers, displaying files and folders.

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Press contact

If you require more information about Nimi Places, or would like to schedule an interview please do not hesitate to contact us.

Looking for more information about Nimi?

Basic information about Nimi can be found here.

Fact sheet

General overview

Organizes desktop into customizable containers, displaying files and folders from chosen locations as icons and thumbnails, that can be shown only on specific conditions (time, location or foreground window title).

Supported audio, video and image files can be previewed using in-built multimedia front-end - with image viewer supporting custom shaped and circular selection.

Files and folders can be labeled, searched by typing, manually arranged as well as automatically sorted.

Aside from containers those can be also automatically managed using rules.

Looking for Nimi Places development details?

Click here to open Nimi Places changelog.

Targeted audience consists of:

  • Students whom use a lot of application shortcuts on the desktop, frequently add new files and are interested in system customization.
  • Enterprise and education sector (e.g. journalists, scientific workers) whom work with many files from different locations.
  • Artists (e.g. photographers, graphics designers) whom need to keep their works collection organized and quickly accessible.

Can boost productivity by displaying content of selected locations on the desktop:

  • Provides quick access to frequently accessed folders.
  • Maintains organization as files and folders stay in their original locations.

Can help in files and folders management:

  • Labels can help in prioritizing given files and folders.
  • Rules allow to automatically perform chosen action on files and folders matching given condition.
  • Containers can be displayed only on chosen set of conditions - location, time or active foreground window title.

Can be used for desktop customization and entertainment:

  • Supported image, audio and video formats can be previewed using in-built multimedia front-end.
  • Supported containers appearance is personalizable.

Key features

Publishing guidelines

When writting about Nimi Places in text, following general projects naming guideline should be followed:

  • Name should never be in plural or possesive.
  • Name capitalization should be unaltered.
  • Name abbreviations should consist of each word first letter, however lowercase starting words can be omitted when resulting abbreviation would consists at least 2 characters.

Internal Nimi Places project name abbreviation is NP.

  • Do not alter graphics: colour (excluding technical neccessary changes), proportions, spacing or any other aspect of those.
  • Do not overlap graphics with other visual elements.
  • Align graphics with enough spacing (2 em or greater) to other elements.

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