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How to add label?

To add label in contain­ers supporting this feature:

  • Press­ing key Ctrl+1-7 numeber key, with number repr­esenting given label by their context menu ord­er
  • Through ele­ment context menu:

    1. Right click on ele­ment.
    2. Open Label submenu.
    3. Select label to apply (work, private etc.).

How to add new location to be displayed on the desktop?

To add new location to be dis­play­ed on the desktop:

  1. Open settings.
  2. Click on plus symbol to open add­able elements menu.
  3. Select contain­er type from the menu.
  4. Browse and select location to be dis­play­ed.

After selecting new location, it will be enlist­ed und­er its contain­er type subcategory of add­ed elements list. New contain­er will be dis­play­ed aft­er clos­ing settings window (which happens automatic­ally, when it loses focus) and not immediately.

How to change container icon size?

To change icon size in contain­ers supporting this feature You can:

  • Press Ctrl+"+"/"-" key key combination either to zoom in or out.
  • Hold Ctrl key while rolling mouse wheel to adjust zoom.
  • Open contain­er settings, open View submenu and select icon size from the list.
How to change container location and time visibility?

To change contain­er location and time visibility:

  1. Open settings.
  2. Select contain­er by single clicking on its ele­ment.
  3. Click on PlaceTime symbol.
  4. Select Location from dropdown. Use any for only time based visibility.
  5. Click checkbox to toggle time range based visibility.
  6. Select time range by dragging ends of highlight­ed fields to desir­ed hours. Double click to rev­erse selection.
  7. Press Apply to apply PlaceTime settings.
How to change container opacity behaviour?

To change contain­er opacity for contain­ers supporting this feature:

  1. Open contain­er settings
  2. Open Appearance submenu.
  3. Open Visibility submenu.
  4. Select visibility option for contain­er
How to change container theme?

To change contain­er theme for contain­ers supporting this feature:

  1. Open contain­er settings
  2. Open Appearance submenu.
  3. Open Theme submenu.
  4. Select theme to apply.
How to change Place container icon display style?

To change icon dis­play style in Place contain­er:

  1. Open contain­er settings
  2. Open View submenu.
  3. Open Style submenu.
  4. Select icon dis­play style (icon grid, list etc.) from menu.
How to change Place container title?

To change Place contain­er title:

  • Double click on contain­er title.
  • Open contain­er settings, open Appearance then Title submenu, then select Rename to rename contain­er.
How to clear thumbnails cache?

To clear thumbnails cache, force its rebuild:

  • by deleting cached thumbnails manually

    1. Open application settings directory "Places"
    2. Delete "Thumbnails" sub-directory

  • by us­ing cache clearing dialog:

    1. Open settings
    2. Press "Other" (three dots) button
    3. Select "Clear cache" option from shown context menu
    4. Untick check boxes other than thumbnails from clearing list
    5. Press "Clear cache now" button

All of follow­ing require application restart to be applied.

How to create new files & folders filter?

To create new files & fold­ers filt­er:

  1. Open settings.
  2. Click on plus symbol or right click on contain­ers and rules list.
  3. Select Fold­ers and files rule.
  4. From dropdown menu select action: copy or move for files & fold­ers matching defin­ed crit­eria.
  5. In from section - select directory to be watched for changes.
  6. In to section - select destination directory.
  7. Select either Patt­ern for name based regular ex­pressions filt­ering or Time to specify time range for all files and fold­ers to be filt­ered.
  8. Press Create to create filt­er.
How to crop files in image preview?

To crop images in image pre­view:

  1. Press Shift for free hand selection, or Shift+Ctrl for circle selection.
  2. Release keys to copy selection to clipboard.
How to fix 'Could not create directory' error during project extraction?

Please ensure that archive is ran with enough privileges (e.g.: administrator rights) for reading/writing files in given location or consid­er unpacking application in different directory.

How to fix drag and drop not working?

If avail­able privilege isolation, restricts pass­ing messages from low­er to higher MIC level. Therefore, simplify­ing Nimi Places has to run on:

  • Same or low­er elevation (MIC level) than application from which content is dragged from.
  • Same or higher than to drag content from Nimi Places to other processes.

Therefore, we recommend running Nimi Places from und­er Program Files location and ensuring that running User has enough rights to int­eract with other processes.

First start and low­est integrity

Process starting for the first time (e.g.: aft­er just being download­ed) or uncommon locations might run with low­est MIC level, thus might not be able to int­eract with other ones.

Adjusting application default MIC level

If support­ed application default MIC level should be adjust­ed us­ing ICACLS command. For ex­ample Nimi Places should be set to medium MIC level by:

  1. Navigate to Nimi Places ex­ecut­able fold­er in shell.
  2. While holding shift open shell context menu.
  3. Select "Open command window here" option.
  4. Type command: ICACLS "Nimi Places.exe" /setintegritylevel M

After restart Nimi Places should run then on medium MIC level.

How to hide Place container title or change its align?

To change Place contain­er title settings:

  1. Open contain­er settings
  2. Open Appearance submenu.
  3. Open Title submenu.
  4. Select Visible to toggle title visibility, or place on bottom to move its to bottom of contain­er.
How to install new theme?

To install new theme:

  1. Create or open directory <exectu­able directory>/Places/Themes/<Contain­er type e.g. Places>.
  2. Copy theme to fold­er above.
  3. Theme should be now avail­able on its contain­er themes list.
How to open container settings?

To open contain­er settings:

  1. Click on contain­er title (Places etc.)
  2. Right-click with shift key on its area.
  3. Right-click on non-elements cov­ered area.
How to open settings?

To open settings click on Nimi Places icon (contour of box with two paper sheets) in tray notification area

How to open video, audio, image preview?

To pre­view video, audio, image in contain­ers supporting this feature:

  1. Hover over ele­ment.
  2. Click on play or magnifier glass icon to open/start pre­view.
  3. To stop pre­view - depending on pre­view type You can either close pre­view window - or click on ele­ment icon to stop (square symbol or magnifier glass indicating that pre­view is open).
How to run Nimi Places automatically with system start?

To run Nimi Places automatic­ally on system start:

  1. Right click on Nimi Places icon (contour of box with two paper sheets) in tray notification area.
  2. Click Quick settings menu.
  3. From open­ed sub-menu select Automatic startup menu entry to regist­er Nimi Places for automatic start­up.
How to sort files in container?

To sort files in contain­ers supporting this feature:

  1. Open contain­er settings
  2. Open Sort by submenu.
  3. Select sort option to sort collection (by name, label etc.).
How to uninstall Nimi Places?

Nimi Places is an port­able and does not require installation. Therefore it can be just delet­ed, howev­er we suggest first­ly dis­abling it from automatic start­up if manu­ally enabled.

What to do if I do not see containers after computer restart or logging in?

Nimi Places most likely was not or failed to regist­er for automatic start­up. This can be verified by:

  • Checking if Nimi Places process is enlist­ed und­er running tasks list. To open task list:

    • Press Control+Shift+Escape keys combination.
    • Type "taskmgr" in run command prompt.
    • Search for "View running processes(...)".

  • Checking if Nimi Places is regist­ered for automatic start­up us­ing System Configuration Tool. To open system configuration:

    • Type "msconfig" in run command prompt.
    • Search for "System configuration".

If Nimi Places does not run automatic­ally with system start­up despite of registration requests, consid­er us­ing alt­ernative method by placing shortcut to its ex­ecut­able und­er Start­up fold­er. To open start­up fold­er type "shell:startup" in run command prompt.

Where can I find template created container files?

Files of template creat­ed contain­er are by default locat­ed in its directory, which is placed und­er "Contain­ers" sub-fold­er of application data directory.

Nevertheless, please note that not all template creat­ed contain­ers actu­ally create new directories - some might use default directories that are dedicat­ed for given content instead (e.g.: My Documents, My Pictur­es).

Where can I find Nimi Places application data directory?

If Nimi Places ex­ecut­able is locat­ed und­er Program Files sub-directory - its application data is stor­ed in current user profile home directory und­er ".Nimi Places" sub-fold­er. Otherwise, application data is stor­ed und­er "Places" sub-fold­er of ex­ecut­able root directory.