Nimi Places 20170127 released

Nimi Places 20170127 addresses multiple minor issues.

Build 20170127 of Nimi Places addr­esses multi­ple file-system relat­ed issues (especi­ally relat­ed to us­ing long paths), as well as, revises con­tainer access locking — reducing latency of some con­current opera­tions.

Nimi Places 20170127

  • Increased con­tain­ers access locking levels.
  • Revised con­tain­ers sorting.
  • Revised con­tain­ers sub-directories loading.
  • Revised file-system watcher.
  • Revised internal long paths handling.
  • Fixed con­tainer sub-directories availabi­lity checking.
  • Fixed con­tain­ers con­current access toggling.
  • Fixed image scaling size calcula­tion when en-framing.
  • Fixed invalid ele­ment loading synchro­nization ​on certa­in condi­tions.
  • Fixed maximum browsed path length.
  • Fixed maximum URL length to 2080 charact­ers.
  • Fixed retrieving long paths.
  • Fixed root network shar­es not being identified as directories.
  • Fixed toggling con­tainer sorting parti­ally freezing it.
  • Other changes, fixes ​and updat­es.

Mentioned projects

Nimi Places
Organizes desktop into con­tain­ers, dis­play­ing files ​and fold­ers.

Nimi Places 20170119 released

Nimi Places 20170119 addresses database issues.

Build 20170119 of Nimi Places addr­esses multi­ple database issues, which could result ​in e.g. forget­ting con­tainer scale ​or pre­ferr­ed dis­play.

Nimi Places 20170119

  • Revised creating empty files.
  • Revised database array length saving.
  • Fixed database corrup­tion when saving arrays.
  • Fixed one of sentences requiring local­ization ending with punctua­tion mark, which should be add­ed separately.
  • Other changes, fixes ​and updat­es.

Mentioned projects

Nimi Places
Organizes desktop into con­tain­ers, dis­play­ing files ​and fold­ers.

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