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Read before contacting

Before contacting, we kindly ask you to please:
  • Ensure that question you want to ask has not been already answered.
  • Message includes recommended details.


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Frequently asked questions


What details should be included when contacting?

When contacting about projects most importantly please specify valid project name e.g.:

  • Incorrect ✗:
  • Acceptable:
  • Correct ✓:
    Nimi Places

If you are requesting an technical support please provide a clear and detailed description of issue you are writing about and include following details:

  • Project version e.g.:

    • Incorrect ✗:
    • Acceptable:
      from last week
    • Correct ✓:
  • Name, version and architecture of used operational system.
  • If applicable - received error details e.g.:

    • Incorrect ✗:
      desc. large screenshot of received error message box
    • Acceptable:
      Module XYZ could not be initialized
    • Correct ✓:
  • Steps to reproduce issue e.g.:

    • Incorrect ✗:
      clicked Y
    • Correct ✓:
      enabled X, Y and Z, then clicked Y

Lastly, in general avoid:

  • Using acronyms, jargon, non-standard abbreviations.
  • File attachments.

Quicker and better reply

Properly composed message will help us to provide quicker and better response.

What if I did not receive any reply?

You might not receive a reply:

  • If you choose e-mail as contact mean - then we might be unable to reply, as reply is being rejected by the mail server.
  • Your message might have been discarded as being invalid.

    Writting a valid message

    By including recommended details there is less chance to write invalid message.

When will I receive a reply?

Messages are replied on a daily basis.

Quicker reply with social media

Social media have shorter propagation delay as being on the same network, thus can be replied sooner.

If message is a part of already started correspondence or addresses complex matter - it might require additional processing time.

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