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Nimi Visuals 20150101 released

Nimi Visuals 20150101 applies accumulated updates and revises some of the effects.

Today, we release lat­est build of Nimi Visuals 20150101 with some of the updat­es accumulat­ed from other projects since last few months — especi­ally those relat­ed to collec­tions ​and locking.

Addition­ally, some of the effects were revised like transparent when inactive effect — now with limit­ed support ​for child windows (grouping with parent).

Nimi Visuals 20150101

  • Revised collec­tions.
  • Revised jel­ly windows effect con­ditionals.
  • Revised locking.
  • Revised transparent when inactive effect.
  • Other changes, fixes ​and updat­es.

Mentioned projects

Nimi Visuals
Adds eye-candy effects to windows like deforma­tions, physics ​and other SFX.

Note to Editors

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Press contact

If you require more information about Nimi Visuals, or would like to schedule an interview please do not hesitate to contact us.

Looking for more information about Nimi?

Basic information about Nimi can be found here.

Fact sheet

General overview

Adds eye-candy effects to windows (and start menu) like deforma­tions (e.g: jel­ly windows — that makes mov­ed window wiggle like being made from jel­ly; ​or fold — which hid­es windows by folding up horizont­ally, ​and unfolds when show­ing), physics (e.g.: keep momentum — making window to con­serve move momentum; ​or bounce — that makes windows bounce upon receving focus ) ​and other SFX (e.g.: pixie dust — which makes mov­ed window to leave a trail of twinkling pixie dust; ​or close puff — which dis­plays puff cloud below cursor when clos­ing window).

Looking for Nimi Visuals development details?

Click here to open Nimi Visuals changelog.

Users whom are inter­ested ​in system custom­ization.

Can help ​in system custom­ization:

  • By adding matching effect to custom­ization e.g. pixi dust ​for magic themed desktop.
  • By option to quick­ly toggle system effects when avail­able.

Can increase producti­vity:

  • Effects can make windows more notic­able e.g. window bounce, transparent inactive windows effect.
  • Effects can help ​in windows manage­ment e.g. warp ​on edges, reorder shuffle effect.

Key features

Publishing guidelines

When writting about Nimi Visuals in text, following general projects naming guideline should be followed:

  • Name should never be in plural or possesive.
  • Name capitalization should be unaltered.
  • Name abbreviations should consist of each word first letter, however lowercase starting words can be omitted when resulting abbreviation would consists at least 2 characters.

Internal Nimi Visuals project name abbreviation is NV.

  • Do not alter graphics: colour (excluding technical neccessary changes), proportions, spacing or any other aspect of those.
  • Do not overlap graphics with other visual elements.
  • Align graphics with enough spacing (2 em or greater) to other elements.

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