Features of Nimi Visuals


  • Shuffle transition
    Fades ​in ​and shuffles window parts out when show­ing, ​and stacks those while fading out when hiding.
    Liquify transition
    Liquifies (melts) windows when hidding, ​and solidifies (by filling up) when show­ing.
    Fold transition
    Hides windows by folding up horizont­ally, ​and unfolds when show­ing.
    Close puff
    Displays puff cloud below cursor when window is closed.
    Twirl transition
    Twirls windows ​in when hiding, ​and out when show­ing.
    Perspectively wiggles window ​in when show­ing, ​and out when hidding.
    Aurora transition
    Window diffus­ingly fad­es ​in when show­ing, ​and out when hiding.
  • Push other windows
    Makes mov­ed ​or resized window push other windows.
    Keep momentum
    Window con­serv­es move momentum.
    Fade on move or resize
    Fades window transparent while its mov­ed ​or resized.
    Pixie dust
    Makes mov­ed window to leave a trail of twinkling pixie dust.
    Jelly windows
    Makes mov­ed window wiggle like being made from jel­ly.
    Warp on edges
    Horizont­ally warps window to opposite screen edge when mov­ed outside its bounds.
  • Transparent inactive
    Turns inactive windows semi-transparent, while active maintains its opa­city.
    Reorder shuffle
    When activating not maximized window, not maximized windows below it will shuffle ​and then return to pre­vious posi­tion.
    Window bounce
    Windows will bounce upon receving focus.
    Contrast screen
    Active window is placed above dimmed field, with inactive windows underneath.
  • Fold transition
    Hides start menu by folding up vertic­ally, ​and unfolds when show­ing.
    Jellify transition
    Perspectively wiggles start menu ​in when show­ing, ​and out when hidding.
    Aurora transition
    Start menu diffus­ingly fad­es ​in when show­ing, ​and out when hiding.
  • Online help
    Project has online help — documenta­tion, frequent­ly asked ques­tions — sec­tion.
    Language translations support
    Interface language can be changed us­ing custom transla­tions.
  • Autoupdate
    Is cap­able of checking ​for updat­es ​and autoupdating.

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