Features of Nimi Visuals


  • Twirl transition
    Twirls windows in when hiding, and out when showing.
    Fold transition
    Hides windows by folding up horizontally, and unfolds when showing.
    Liquify transition
    Liquifies (melts) windows when hidding, and solidifies (by filling up) when showing.
    Close puff
    Displays puff cloud below cursor when window is closed.
    Perspectively wiggles window in when showing, and out when hidding.
    Aurora transition
    Window diffusingly fades in when showing, and out when hiding.
    Shuffle transition
    Fades in and shuffles window parts out when showing, and stacks those while fading out when hiding.
  • Jelly windows
    Makes moved window wiggle like being made from jelly.
    Pixie dust
    Makes moved window to leave a trail of twinkling pixie dust.
    Fade on move or resize
    Fades window transparent while its moved or resized.
    Keep momentum
    Window conserves move momentum.
    Push other windows
    Makes moved or resized window push other windows.
    Warp on edges
    Horizontally warps window to opposite screen edge when moved outside its bounds.
  • Contrast screen
    Active window is placed above dimmed field, with inactive windows underneath.
    Window bounce
    Windows will bounce upon receving focus.
    Reorder shuffle
    When activating not maximized window, not maximized windows below it will shuffle and then return to previous position.
    Transparent inactive
    Turns inactive windows semi-transparent, while active maintains its opacity.
  • Jellify transition
    Perspectively wiggles start menu in when showing, and out when hidding.
    Fold transition
    Hides start menu by folding up vertically, and unfolds when showing.
    Aurora transition
    Start menu diffusingly fades in when showing, and out when hiding.
  • Language translations support
    Interface language can be changed using custom translations.
    Online help
    Project has online help - documentation, frequently asked questions - section.
  • Autoupdate
    Is capable of checking for updates and autoupdating.

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