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Update was most­ly ​on replacing old update check & auto-update component — but other changes were made to projects as well.Changelog:

Nimi Places 20100825

  • Added copy, cut ​and paste menu ​and actions.
  • Update check & auto-update component updat­ed.
  • Update check & auto-update component updat­ed.
  • Other updat­es, fixes ​and changes.
As ​for Nimi Places mention­ed — upcoming featur­es — should be ​in next release, as this was mainly maintenance work. On Nimi Visuals — as wrote before: new version is to be expect­ed ​in about 1-2 months, not counting maintenance releases if any — as current requir­es complete rewrite ​in order to imple­ment new libraries.

Mentioned projects

Nimi Places
Organizes desktop into con­tain­ers, dis­play­ing files ​and fold­ers.
Nimi Sight
Image collec­tions viewer with TTS voice feedback.
Nimi Visuals
Adds eye-candy effects to windows like deforma­tions, physics ​and other SFX.

Note to Editors

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Press contact

If you require more information about Nimi Sight, or would like to schedule an interview please do not hesitate to contact us.

Looking for more information about Nimi?

Basic information about Nimi can be found here.

Fact sheet

General overview

Image collec­tions viewer with con­tent-dependant TTS voice feedback, ​and option to bookmark ​and resume last view­ed posi­tion.

If support­ed, interface is dis­play­ed us­ing whole window area (customized window bar) ​and background ambient to view­ed image.

Looking for Nimi Sight development details?

Click here to open Nimi Sight changelog.

Key features

Publishing guidelines

When writting about Nimi Sight in text, following general projects naming guideline should be followed:

  • Name should never be in plural or possesive.
  • Name capitalization should be unaltered.
  • Name abbreviations should consist of each word first letter, however lowercase starting words can be omitted when resulting abbreviation would consists at least 2 characters.

Internal Nimi Sight project name abbreviation is NS.

  • Do not alter graphics: colour (excluding technical neccessary changes), proportions, spacing or any other aspect of those.
  • Do not overlap graphics with other visual elements.
  • Align graphics with enough spacing (2 em or greater) to other elements.

Media kit




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