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Nimi Indicator Weather 20100827

  • Updated removal of extractor file on update.
  • Other changed, fixes and updates.
  • Updated icon generating routine - should be nicer now.
  • Fixed temperature pattern - now it matches negative temperatures.

Mentioned projects

Nimi Indicator Weather
Shows weather conditions fetched from given web address as taskbar task.

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Press contact

If you require more information about Nimi Indicator Weather, or would like to schedule an interview please do not hesitate to contact us.

Looking for more information about Nimi?

Basic information about Nimi can be found here.

Fact sheet

General overview

Shows weather conditions fetched from given web address as taskbar task.

If supported - when focused, it can show animated weather popup with available details; and task progress in taskbar as temperature conditions.

Looking for Nimi Indicator Weather development details?

Click here to open Nimi Indicator Weather changelog.

Key features

    • Animations
    • Autoupdate
    • Compatible with older systems
    • Voice feedback
    • Adaptive processing
    • Custom sources
    • Easy to change

Publishing guidelines

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Internal Nimi Indicator Weather project name abbreviation is NIW.

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