Features of Nimi Indicator Weather


  • Adaptive processing
    Regardless of provid­ed weather data format it tries to process it ​in search of compatible weather conditions information.
    Custom sources
    It can use custom weather sources like RSS, XML feeds ​or even HTML pages.
    Easy to change
    Weather source can be quick­ly changed right from window context menu.
  • Compatible with older systems
    It tries to adapt to system version differences — so ​for example it can dis­play as special field instead of thumbnail pre­view.
    When show­ing as thumbnail pre­view — it animat­es current weather conditions to make checking weather conditions more enjoy­able.
    Is cap­able of checking ​for updat­es ​and autoupdating.
    Voice feedback
    If enabled can speak current weather conditions, every hour ​or ​on resume from being idle.