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As we are pre­paring to launch Nimi Store — that will replace Nimi Kitbag (very first approach towards expand­able con­tent dis­tribu­tion system) - point based system is implement­ed into Nimi Hello service.Point system allows to have better con­trol over con­tent dis­tribu­tion ​and managing resources. Current point use scheme assumes as follows:

  • when downloading execut­able, which can be download­ed by entering code from image — if code is correct, point amount won't change, elsewhere will be count­ed as casual download request
  • every download opera­tion like downloading theme, widget ​or simply execut­able will result in decreas­ing user points
  • download, unless stat­ed different­ly, will decrease points amount by round­ed size of download ​in kilobyt­es ​or smaller count (like current­ly with NV which instead of decreas­ing by about 525 decreases by around 250 points)
  • if user won't be having enough points ​for action — it won't be proceed­ed

addition­ally scheme assumes that, regarding getting more points:

  • by logging once ​in 24 hours user get — 300 points
  • points will be award­ed by submit­ting & getting accept­ed submit­ted con­tent into Nimi Store
  • points will be award­ed ​for active users
  • points can be assign­ed by our decision

also, regarding some possible con­cerns:

  • all existing ​and new users are grant­ed 500 points
  • as autoupdate can decrease points amount — any often updat­es will be compensat­ed by either lowering point cost of update (even to 0) ​or adding points to users. To be yet decid­ed — possibly depending ​on date when user last download­ed given project update.
  • other con­cerns to be resolv­ed during further implementa­tion ​and life test

More ​on point system coming soon along with Nimi Store introduc­tion ​and Nimi Places update.

Mentioned projects

Nimi Sight
Image collec­tions viewer with TTS voice feedback.
Nimi Places
Organizes desktop into con­tain­ers, dis­play­ing files ​and fold­ers.

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