Nimi Hello changes

As we are preparing to launch Nimi Store - that will replace Nimi Kitbag (very first approach towards expandable content distribution system) - point based system is implemented into Nimi Hello service.Point system allows to have better control over content distribution and managing resources. Current point use scheme assumes as follows:

  • when downloading executable, which can be downloaded by entering code from image - if code is correct, point amount won't change, elsewhere will be counted as casual download request
  • every download operation like downloading theme, widget or simply executable will result in decreasing user points
  • download, unless stated differently, will decrease points amount by rounded size of download in kilobytes or smaller count (like currently with NV which instead of decreasing by about 525 decreases by around 250 points)
  • if user won't be having enough points for action - it won't be proceeded

additionally scheme assumes that, regarding getting more points:

  • by logging once in 24 hours user get - 300 points
  • points will be awarded by submitting & getting accepted submitted content into Nimi Store
  • points will be awarded for active users
  • points can be assigned by our decision

also, regarding some possible concerns:

  • all existing and new users are granted 500 points
  • as autoupdate can decrease points amount - any often updates will be compensated by either lowering point cost of update (even to 0) or adding points to users. To be yet decided - possibly depending on date when user last downloaded given project update.
  • other concerns to be resolved during further implementation and life test

More on point system coming soon along with Nimi Store introduction and Nimi Places update.

Mentioned projects

Nimi Sight
Image collections viewer with TTS voice feedback.
Nimi Places
Organizes desktop into containers, displaying files and folders.

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