Nimi Places 20200126 released

Build 20200126 of Nimi Places fixes issues related to container initializing.

Today we release the latest build 20200126 of Nimi Places which fixes issues related to directories enlisting and container initializing.

Notably, directories circular loop (occurring when child directory has link to parent directory) detection and handling was removed.

Can directories circular loops be detected?

Detecting directories circular loops can be problematic when directory links are indistinguishable from actual directories. While circular loop could still be guessed by identifying sequences repetition, this could result in false positives if repeating sequence is just a part of naming scheme.

Avoiding directories circular loops

To avoid directories circular loops ensure that any links inside directories:

  • do not redirect to higher directory (like parent directory),
  • create loops by redirecting to looped links or directories matching criteria above.

Nimi Places 20200126

  • Optimized concatenating rule descriptors on those savings.
  • Optimized container compositor.
  • Optimized stream reading.
  • Revised concatenating chars to strings.
  • Revised directories enlisting and estimating.
  • Optimized container items painting composition mode changes.
  • Unified decrementing container visible dialogs counting and handling.
  • Fixed and revised routine for renaming container.
  • Fixed container item painting composition mode changing logic.
  • Fixed directories enlisting order.
  • Fixed double closing of directory handle on estimating it.
  • Fixed finding display by rectangle using left instead of top value for vertical area calculation.
  • Fixed image masking using released and read-only memory address.
  • Fixed image memory access locking.
  • Fixed initializing container items with different target path, which first path got marked as to be ignored for thumbnailing.
  • Removed current detection and handling of directories circular loops.
  • Other changes, fixes and updates.

Mentioned projects

Nimi Places
Organizes desktop into containers, displaying files and folders.

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