Nimi Places 20200101 released

Build 20200101 of Nimi Places brings few fixes and revisions.

Today we release the latest build 20200101 of Nimi Places which brings few fixes and revisions - including revision of delayed asynchronous tasks execution as well as fixing of system color support.

Nimi Places 20200101

  • Optimized and revised saving images.
  • Revised color conversions and calculations.
  • Revised delayed asynchronous tasks from timer queue timers to managed thread based.
  • Unified registry access.
  • Fixed and revised "open with" options comparison.
  • Fixed changing color alpha macro.
  • Fixed container context menu position when initiated through menu key.
  • Fixed container items selection being partially forgotten on selection-specific repaint request as well that it could raise two repaint requests.
  • Fixed container scrollbar not being unmarked that needs to be generated.
  • Fixed converting long paths to normal.
  • Fixed database saving string lists.
  • Fixed handling errors that occurred in caller application closing routine.
  • Fixed resolving hosted paths.
  • Fixed setting image as wallpaper.
  • Fixed showing container theme on bottom of the container setting not being restored on its initialization.
  • Fixed shut-down blocking could not be disabled if error occurred during application closing.
  • Revised and fixed system color support.
  • Moved theme generator margin/padding checking function to generator.
  • Other changes, fixes and updates.

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Nimi Places
Organizes desktop into containers, displaying files and folders.

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