Nimi Places 20181117 released

Latest build 20181117 of Nimi Places addresses stability issues, optimizes general performance and improves shell support.

After almost 4 months since the last version - we release the latest build 20181117 of Nimi Places, which addresses stability issues and improves shell support, as well as, optimizes general application performance.

Importantly, clipboard and drag and drop handling has been revised, and now use shared handler - support for dropping or pasting non-file shortcuts has been added. Additionally, shortcuts type recognition had been revised.

Nimi Places 20181117

  • Optimized clipped drawing.
  • Optimized container items painting.
  • Optimized desktop preview box.
  • Optimized hourspan selection control drawing.
  • Optimized menus initialization.
  • Optimized messages processing.
  • Revised concurrent registry access initialization.
  • Revised container scrolling calculations.
  • Revised drag and drop and clipboard handling.
  • Revised drag and drop handling paths access synchronization.
  • Revised handling event handles.
  • Revised hexadecimal conversions.
  • Revised labels logic.
  • Revised parallel initialization.
  • Revised recognizing non-filesystem shortcuts.
  • Unified part of drag and drop and clipboard handling.
  • Fixed allowed operations check to expose and change content for cut operations.
  • Fixed display details equality testing.
  • Fixed displaying rules under settings.
  • Fixed double checking timer handles when stopping.
  • Fixed drag and drop to container sub-directories use count not decreased.
  • Fixed hourspan selection control hour grip.
  • Fixed invalid registry access availability could be returned on concurrent initialization.
  • Fixed loading uninitialized items that had hidden attribute.
  • Fixed menu initialization race condition.
  • Fixed midnight detection during initialization.
  • Fixed regular expression pattern not being passed when editing rules.
  • Fixed repainting under mouse items.
  • Fixed retrieving extension handlers.
  • Fixed rules equality testing.
  • Fixed shortcut non-boolean result causing unnecessary conversion.
  • Fixed some routines not locking access when retrieving items paths.
  • Fixed text alignment on pages.
  • Fixed unregistering from listening directory location availability related events.
  • Other changes, fixes and updates.

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Nimi Places
Organizes desktop into containers, displaying files and folders.

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