Nimi Places 20180721 released

Build 20180721 of Nimi Places fixes paths related issues and multiple other issues.

Build 20180721 of Nimi Places fixes numerous operating system bitness related issues, path and multiple other issues - importantly fixes 32-bit only as well as older operating systems support.

Nimi Places 20180721

  • Optimized converting HTML to plain text.
  • Changed container IO requests requesting separate thread, while caller had been already revised to run on separate thread.
  • Revised container focus changes handling.
  • Fixed and optimized distribution package unnecessary application path fallbacks checking.
  • Fixed and revised backward compatibility.
  • Fixed container context menu not showing on its empty area.
  • Fixed container visibility menu toggling check state twice.
  • Fixed detecting if running on x64 operating system.
  • Fixed IO requests not being executed on separate thread when requested as variable name was wrongly converted, when removing byte constants use.
  • Fixed menu key repeated press filtering in containers.
  • Fixed methods for detecting Common Program Files and Program Files being swapped for x64.
  • Fixed not passing elements to open all handlers.
  • Fixed path retrieving on 32-bit.
  • Fixed path retrieving using different (scope) variable as token.
  • Fixed registry keys for path checking not being closed.
  • Fixed toggling container name visibility.
  • Fixed token not being used when retrieving path on older operating systems.
  • Fixed x64 redirection handling.
  • Removed Common Program Files redirection handling.
  • Removed open all as different user asking before credentials.
  • Other changes, fixes and updates.

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Nimi Places
Organizes desktop into containers, displaying files and folders.

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