Nimi Places 20180519 released

Build 20180519 of Nimi Places addresses numerous issues related to concurrent computing and other.

After almost 4 months, today we release the latest build 20180519 of Nimi Places, which addresses numerous issues related to concurrent computing, that could be affecting e.g. application closing. Importantly closing synchronization has been fixed, when not requested from the main thread.

Additionally, build fixes multiple other issues, brings few revisions and optimizations.

Nimi Places 20180519

  • Added direct playlist support to multimedia front-end.
  • Optimized and revised collections.
  • Optimized container bounds fallback.
  • Optimized copying images to clipboard.
  • Optimized creating shortcuts.
  • Optimized directories size and count estimating.
  • Optimized item selection.
  • Optimized parallel optimization.
  • Optimized rules matching.
  • Optimized text generating.
  • Optimized under mouse item index being declared twice.
  • Reverted some and revised finalization code to be thread safe.
  • Revised application closing.
  • Revised container concurrent operations.
  • Revised container items initialization.
  • Revised container items scaling and painting synchronization.
  • Revised directories observing synchronization.
  • Revised directory estimation.
  • Revised media player seeking.
  • Revised multimedia playback.
  • Revised playback management.
  • Revised triggering container moving, when clicking on empty space.
  • Changed media player resolution to unsigned long - 1 second do 1000 milliseconds.
  • Changed timer synchronization to interlocked.
  • Unified rules time retrieval method.
  • Fixed all place check-boxes could be unchecked and later remain disabled.
  • Fixed allocated memory releasing.
  • Fixed assigning container items repaint priority.
  • Fixed clearing container item selection.
  • Fixed closing synchronization, when requested from thread.
  • Fixed container closing could freeze on hide window request.
  • Fixed container directory items access locking.
  • Fixed container icons scale check logic.
  • Fixed container operations for single selected items execution.
  • Fixed database batch removal requests not triggering saving.
  • Fixed delegate finalization could be to early.
  • Fixed directories observing canceling, when initialization was not completed.
  • Fixed directory enlisting could fail if sub-directory could not be opened.
  • Fixed files and directories attributes changes detection.
  • Fixed files and directories hidden attribute changes handling.
  • Fixed image viewer scrolling conditional.
  • Fixed initialization of non-threaded libraries.
  • Fixed mutex restoring failure.
  • Fixed rules using regular expressions comparison operators.
  • Fixed sub-directories finalization checked twice.
  • Fixed sub-directories triggering sorting by size and count.
  • Fixed trying to retrieve icon directory shortcuts.
  • Fixed using not updated under mouse item index for container action comparisons.
  • Fixed window closing synchronization, when not requested from main thread.
  • Other changes, fixes and updates.

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Nimi Places
Organizes desktop into containers, displaying files and folders.

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