Nimi Places 20171103 released

Build 20171103 of Nimi Places addresses multiple minor issues affecting application stability.

Build 20171103 of Nimi Places addresses multiple minor issues that could lead to container or application crashing.

Nimi Places 20171103

  • Optimized converting date and time to Y-m-d H-i-s formatted string.
  • Optimized retrieving resource by index to not use lookup.
  • Revised and optimized loading icon resources.
  • Revised application parallel initialization synchronization.
  • Revised conditions for identifying network as home one.
  • Changed error report to be generated and copied to clipboard automatically on failure, when locked with passphrase.
  • Changed how checking for updates is handled when enabled.
  • Changed to forget containers items state for empty containers, rather than saving empty one.
  • Changed to not show auto-update open download website prompt on failure when passphrase locked.
  • Changed to not show save to file dialog on error generation when passphrase locked.
  • Fixed container items mapping, when adding items to empty container.
  • Fixed containers data sorting by path during its initialization could affect those later lookup by id under some conditions.
  • Fixed coordinates not being reset after processing draw container items in range requests under some conditions.
  • Fixed handling of container items repainting requests without range.
  • Fixed saving text notes in container failing due to time being saved with illegal path character ":".
  • Disabled container reloading on crash.
  • Other changes, fixes and updates.

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Nimi Places
Organizes desktop into containers, displaying files and folders.

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