Nimi Places 20170808 released

Nimi Places 20170808 addresses multiple issues and improves application stability.

Build 20170808 of Nimi Places addresses multiple issues, especially those that could lead to application crash.

Nimi Places 20170808

  • Added right-to-left localization support.
  • Revised and limited use of negation operator.
  • Revised balloon tooltip structure allocation.
  • Revised Caps Lock key handling by passphrase input dialog.
  • Revised container bounds processing to be more direct.
  • Revised container items repaint requests.
  • Revised container mouse events processing logic.
  • Revised dynamic event handling.
  • Revised file system observing.
  • Revised keyboard events processing.
  • Revised keyboard modifiers status retrieval.
  • Revised read-write locking.
  • Revised some of conditionals logic.
  • Revised synchronization waiting logic.
  • Revised tick based stopwatch.
  • Updated help link.
  • Changed pointer comparison method.
  • Changed to include punctuation back in localizable strings.
  • Fixed and revised balloon suppressing.
  • Fixed balloon tooltip structure not being properly freed.
  • Fixed container crashing error report saving prompt referring to previously preferred copying to clipboard.
  • Fixed container size being set outside synchronization when restoring.
  • Fixed controls repainting on theme changes.
  • Fixed doubled scrollbar edge offset calculation on container resizing.
  • Fixed mutexes illogical secondary processing.
  • Fixed non-empty container initial composition not being triggered.
  • Fixed one of viewport calculations affecting drag and drop index retrieval being made on width instead of height related variables.
  • Fixed some of scrolling calculations being made in incorrect synchronization order.
  • Fixed sorting dialog not being scaled.
  • Fixed surfaces remapping on changing items count.
  • Fixed updates dialog controls bounds.
  • Revised and fixed containers compositor locking.
  • Revised and fixed sorting dialog time texts.
  • Removed controls anchoring.
  • Cleanup code revision.
  • Other changes, fixes and updates.

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Nimi Places
Organizes desktop into containers, displaying files and folders.

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