Nimi Visuals 20150101 applies accumulated updates and revises some of the effects.

Today, we release lat­est build of Nimi Visuals 20150101 with some of the updat­es accumulat­ed from other projects since last few months — especi­ally those relat­ed to collec­tions ​and locking.

Addition­ally, some of the effects were revised like transparent when inactive effect — now with limit­ed support ​for child windows (grouping with parent).

Nimi Visuals 20150101

  • Revised collec­tions.
  • Revised jel­ly windows effect con­ditionals.
  • Revised locking.
  • Revised transparent when inactive effect.
  • Other changes, fixes ​and updat­es.

Mentioned projects

Nimi Visuals
Adds eye-candy effects to windows like deforma­tions, physics ​and other SFX.