Nimi Visuals 20140727 adds limited support for custom DPI settings and addresses core issues.

Build 20140727 of Nimi Visuals adds limit­ed support ​for custom DPI settings as well as addr­esses core issues — revises its initial­ization ​and uninitial­ization sequences.

Addition­ally, it revises jel­ly windows effect ​and further optimizes thumbnail service.

Nimi Visuals 20140727

  • Added con­sidera­tion of workarea to warp ​on edges effect.
  • Added limit­ed support ​for custom dpi settings.
  • Optimized thumbnailing service.
  • Revised core initial­ization ​and uninitial­ization sequences.
  • Revised jel­ly windows effect.
  • Fixed jel­ly windows effect uninitial­ization.
  • Fixed restoring windows default paramet­ers ​on unloading visibi­lity effects.
  • Other changes, fixes ​and updat­es.

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Nimi Visuals
Adds eye-candy effects to windows like deforma­tions, physics ​and other SFX.