Nimi Places 20140511 released

Nimi Places 20140511 improves files thumbnailing and those internal management.

Today we release newest version of Nimi Places 20140511 with revised thumbnails library.

Most importantly system icon resolver was replaced with internal one - meaning that retrieving icons for executables, shortcuts, file types etc. is now handled by application itself (with minimal use of system API for processing (accessing) resources).

Secondly, instead of just using extension icon for thumbnailable types that failed to have their representation generated - those are now actually shared. This reduces workload required for those processing as well as memory use.

Thirdly, multimedia front end was further revised - resolving multiple minor issues and most noticeably improving internal video thumbnailer.

As this version is build directly from development branch - changes overlapping with those from recent public builds [that were not built from that one] were not included in build changelog.

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Nimi Places
Organizes desktop into containers, displaying files and folders.

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