Nimi Visuals 20140225 revises application interface messages and improves localizations support.

Build 20140225 of Nimi Visuals improv­es local­izations support (updat­es format specifica­tion) ​and revises applica­tion interface messages.

Secondly it adds detec­tion ​for requir­ed components.

Nimi Visuals 20140225

  • Added automatic local­ization choos­ing to systems language — if avail­able ​and custom not set.
  • Added miss­ing requir­ed components detec­tion.
  • Revised applica­tion clos­ing sequence.
  • Revised interface messages.
  • Updat­ed local­izations loading mechanism.
  • Remov­ed checking ​for "default" local­ization file.
  • Other changes, fixes ​and updat­es.

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