Nimi Web Cleanser gets supercharged

Newest version of Nimi Cleanser, released today, has optimized page processing and better incognito mode support.

Today, after 2 months since last build, we release newest version Nimi Web Cleanser extension, of mainline branch.

Version 20140207 brings multiple improvements and optimizations - especially to cache management and page processing.

Now settings for domains, and sub-domains, without individual configuration are not cached - which required requests handling revision, conditionals and sequences; Additionally, icons indicating cached state are displayed (crimson - cached, blue - not cached, gray - not active).

Secondly, element hiding was changed to more direct approach - as to reduce DOM changes and overhead by CSS injections.

Nimi Web Cleanser 20140207

  • Added different browser action icons depending, whether page is loaded from cache etc.
  • Optimized caching for better incognito mode support.
  • Revised elements hiding methods.
  • Revised page processing sequences.
  • Revised popup settings adjusting.
  • Revised requests processing sequence and conditionals.
  • Fixed polish translation.
  • Fixed popup spacing.
  • Other changes, fixes and updates.

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Nimi Web Cleanser
Heuristically filters web for unknown threats.

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