Build improv­es application performance and resolv­es issues with handling remov­ed directories.

Nimi Places 20130304
  • add­ed place detection when system resumed
  • add­ed rev­erse sort option
  • add­ed rounding to items size when re-sizing contain­er holding control key
  • optimized concurrent repaint operations
  • optimized icons re-scale (and load if not load­ed) prioritization
  • revised shadow gen­erating
  • changed default sorting by use frequency ord­er to descending
  • fixed clearing delet­ed items bindings hov­er
  • fixed directory item not remov­ed when delet­ed
  • fixed possibly an issue with contain­ers dis­appearing on system resuming
  • other changes, fixes & updat­es

Mentioned projects

Nimi Places
Organizes desktop into customiz­able contain­ers, dis­play­ing files and fold­ers.