Nimi Places 20121124 released

Today we release newest build of Nimi Places. As refurbishing process continues - update mostly addresses numerous minor issues, but also brings some components improvements.

Most noticeably, adapting to system color scheme was fixed - and element selection background is now correctly rendered. Secondly, desktop pinning was further revised and changed to passive - resolving possible z-order issues.

Lastly path issues were further investigated and resolved - with path management adjusted to support dynamic path conversions [from absolute to relative and reverse].

Finally settings storage model was updated to newest - completing database model unification. This is however, transparent migration not requiring user interaction.

Nimi Places 20121124

  • Added dynamic path conversions.
  • Revised containers path using scheme.
  • Revised keyboard dialog actions.
  • Revised settings list.
  • Revised shapes drawing operations.
  • Revised sorting support.
  • Updated compressor.
  • Changed database data model.
  • Fixed adapting to system color scheme and colorization.
  • Fixed containers selection indication transparency values.
  • Fixed context menu icons display on older systems.
  • Fixed desktop pinning.
  • Fixed folder shell operations path issues.
  • Fixed queued playback callback.
  • Fixed selection rectangle invalid colorization.
  • Fixed settings window behavior on older systems.
  • Fixed thumbnail colour palete unification.
  • Fixed thumbnail service support for older systems.
  • Fixed tooltip window thumbnails positioning on older systems.
  • Fixed window thumbnail service support for older systems.

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Nimi Places
Organizes desktop into containers, displaying files and folders.

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