Nimi Places 20120808 released

With 2G in works, we release newest version of 1G Nimi Places - after over 4 months since last release. Following direction started within previous version, development focused even more on fixing and polishing existing features.

Fixes start from minor GUI modifications (like keyboard actions support for dialogboxes) to archives processing. As for updates and optimizations - those were applied to bottom core features (IO frontend, repaint operations etc.) as well as more visible aspects like dialogboxes.

However, again few features had to be removed - as not to be added in 2G and increasing project complexity beyond required - those include: files & folders collector, container layer selection and hide desktop tweak. As we understand that not every user might be pleased with removal of those features - we highly encourage Those to contact us.

Nimi Places 20120808

  • Added "new" (create new file or folder), "open all" (opens all items in container) and "open in new window" menu (opens container directory) to containers menu.
  • Added containers dwm blur support (only for inbuilt themes).
  • Added io operations frontend.
  • Added sorting by content.
  • Added support for using executable with drag & dropped files.
  • Optimized containers repaint.
  • Optimized extensions thumbnail lookup.
  • Revised rule loading and execution mechanism.
  • Updated containers drag & drop handling.
  • Updated database methods.
  • Updated dialogs gui.
  • Updated item mouseover painting operation.
  • Updated item position calculation.
  • Updated settings gui.
  • Changed batch rename enumeration.
  • Changed container data saving format.
  • Changed container stick to desktop method.
  • Changed icon loading queueing.
  • Changed internal items mapping.
  • Changed items cross-store.
  • Changed opaque thumbnail saving quality.
  • Fixed archives processing.
  • Fixed dialogs language convention.
  • Fixed items sorting with invisible items.
  • Fixed process lookup.
  • Fixed scrollbar bounds recalculation.
  • Fixed settings window hanging when loading container icon.
  • Fixed thumbnailing engine extension issue.
  • Removed container layer selection.
  • Removed hide desktop tweak.
  • Removed items collector .
  • Other changes, fixes and updates.

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Nimi Places
Organizes desktop into containers, displaying files and folders.

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