Nimi Places 20120808 released

With 2G ​in works, we release new­est version of 1G Nimi Places — after over 4 months since last release. Follow­ing direc­tion start­ed with­in pre­vious version, develop­ment focused even more ​on fixing ​and polishing existing featur­es.

Fixes start from minor GUI modifica­tions (like keyboard actions support ​for dialogboxes) to archiv­es process­ing. As ​for updat­es ​and optim­izations — those were applied to bottom core featur­es (IO frontend, repaint opera­tions etc.) as well as more visible aspects like dialogboxes.

However, aga­in few featur­es had to be remov­ed — as not to be add­ed ​in 2G ​and increas­ing project comple­xity beyond requir­ed — those include: files & fold­ers collector, con­tainer layer selec­tion ​and hide desktop tweak. As we und­erstand that not every user might be pleased with removal of those featur­es — we highly encourage Those to con­tact us.

Nimi Places 20120808

  • Added "new" (create new file ​or folder), "open all" (opens all items ​in con­tainer) ​and "open ​in new window" menu (opens con­tainer directory) to con­tain­ers menu.
  • Added con­tain­ers dwm blur support (only ​for inbuilt themes).
  • Added io opera­tions frontend.
  • Added sorting by con­tent.
  • Added support ​for us­ing execut­able with drag & dropped files.
  • Optimized con­tain­ers repaint.
  • Optimized extensions thumbnail look­up.
  • Revised rule loading ​and execu­tion mechanism.
  • Updat­ed con­tain­ers drag & drop handling.
  • Updat­ed database methods.
  • Updat­ed dialogs gui.
  • Updat­ed item mouseover painting opera­tion.
  • Updat­ed item posi­tion calcula­tion.
  • Updat­ed settings gui.
  • Changed batch rename enumera­tion.
  • Changed con­tainer data saving format.
  • Changed con­tainer stick to desktop method.
  • Changed icon loading queueing.
  • Changed internal items mapping.
  • Changed items cross-store.
  • Changed opaque thumbnail saving qua­lity.
  • Fixed archiv­es process­ing.
  • Fixed dialogs language con­ven­tion.
  • Fixed items sorting with invisible items.
  • Fixed process look­up.
  • Fixed scrollbar bounds recalcula­tion.
  • Fixed settings window hanging when loading con­tainer icon.
  • Fixed thumbnailing engine extension issue.
  • Remov­ed con­tainer layer selec­tion.
  • Remov­ed hide desktop tweak.
  • Remov­ed items collector .
  • Other changes, fixes ​and updat­es.

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Nimi Places
Organizes desktop into con­tain­ers, dis­play­ing files ​and fold­ers.

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