Nimi Places 20120421 released

After almost 2 years since project start, three months since last version, we are proud to release lat­est Nimi Places. Codenamed "Elision" its milestone release before next genera­tion — Nimi Places 2g.

Most notic­able ​in new version is removal of two con­tainer types (patchwork & paths con­tainer) leaving only place type con­tainer avail­able. Second most notic­able changes are removal of server ​and widgets functiona­lity. However, creat­ed gap was filled with new components ​and update of existing.

While places con­tainer use itself was improv­ed with such addi­tions like scrollbar ​or changes ​in rendering, addi­tions like PDF thumbnails ​or better sorting boost producti­vity tremendously.

As we und­erstand that not every user might be pleased with removal of some featur­es — we highly encourage Those to con­tact us.

Nimi Places 20120421

  • Added keyboard shortcuts ​for quick sorting (alt key + numeric 1-6).
  • Added option to drag time range to time range selec­tion con­trol.
  • Added pdf thumbnails rendering.
  • Added scrollbar to places con­tainer type.
  • Updat­ed hashing alghoritm.
  • Updat­ed icons ​and graphics — smoothed edges.
  • Updat­ed sorting methods.
  • Updat­ed stream opera­tion methods.
  • Updat­ed themes format to newer.
  • Updat­ed thumbnail cache library.
  • Updat­ed tooltips dis­play behaviour.
  • Changed .url files thumbnailing settings.
  • Changed con­tainer inactive when transparent visibi­lity triggers to mouse only.
  • Changed con­tainer settings save to delay­ed.
  • Changed name sort method.
  • Changed places con­tainer type rendering method.
  • Updat­ed directory thumbnail generating method — now support cover images as well as con­sider subdirectories when rendering.
  • Fixed compr­essor path issues.
  • Fixed con­tainer maintaining bottom-most posi­tion.
  • Remov­ed paths ​and patchwork con­tainer types.
  • Remov­ed places con­tainer system dis­play mode.
  • Remov­ed server functiona­lity.
  • Remov­ed widgets functiona­lity.
  • Other changes, fixes ​and updat­es.

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Nimi Places
Organizes desktop into con­tain­ers, dis­play­ing files ​and fold­ers.

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