Nimi Web Cleanser 20120324 released

After over month since last relat­ed entry — we are fin­ally proud to introduce new­est Nimi Web Cleanser. As an complete revision it brings new qua­lity ​and experience to the extension.

Previous shields were repleaced with set of new ones — request shields — which filter on-going requests, deny ​or allow those. This way detect­ed elements are stopped before downloading bringing benefits like: saving bandwitdth, pre­venting injec­tions ​and tracking.

Page itself can still be filter­ed with new singular visual clearing shield — originating from pre­vious version approach.

Also most noticably Nimi Web Cleanser is now cap­able of subscribing patterns — which giv­es possibi­lity to quick­ly share patterns ​and keep those up to date against new threats.

Nimi Web Cleanser 20120324

  • Added 4 requests shields: images, objects, frames ​and requests shield.
  • Optimized visual clearing shield with self-modyfing code.
  • Updat­ed interface.
  • Updat­ed patterns.
  • Changed drop method to hidding.
  • Changed settings saving methods.
  • Previous shields now selectively merged to new visual clearing shield.
  • Updat­ed browser action badge — now background opa­city indicat­es number of used shields.
  • Updat­ed smart space now being part of smart drop.
  • Fixed browser action icon middle line (antialias­ing artifact) issue.
  • Creat­ed settings handling architecture.
  • Other changes, fixes ​and updat­es.
  • Revision.

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Nimi Web Cleanser
Heuristic­ally filt­ers web ​for unknown threats.

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