Nimi Places for Web 20110930 released

Users whom are us­ing, ​or couldn't use as us­ing non-support­ed platform — can now use special version of Nimi Places: Nimi Places ​for Web.

Nimi Places ​for Web is an browser extension — which repleaces "new tab" page with field of con­tain­ers. In web version users can both store files (by drag & drop), but also manage bookmarks add­ed by us­ing extension.

For pages bookmarked us­ing extension — thumbnail image is generat­ed based ​on page data. (favicon, con­tent type etc.) Those can be managed same as other files — like: mov­ed between con­tain­ers, renamed, labeled. Addition­ally support­ed media ​and bookmarks of pages with embedd­ed media informa­tion — can be quick­ly pre­viewd in: image viewer, video viewer ​or direct in-container audio playback.

Current­ly extension supports two storage mod­es — local ​and server based. With server mode — extension stor­es settings ​and files ​on the server. As ​for today Nimi Places 20110830 comes with server feature, which not only can store extension data, but also translat­es requests ​and responses between server ​and extension (like sharing support­ed by extension con­tain­ers).

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