Nimi Places for Web 20110930 released

Users whom are using, or couldn't use as using non-supported platform - can now use special version of Nimi Places: Nimi Places for Web.

Nimi Places for Web is an browser extension - which repleaces "new tab" page with field of containers. In web version users can both store files (by drag & drop), but also manage bookmarks added by using extension.

For pages bookmarked using extension - thumbnail image is generated based on page data. (favicon, content type etc.) Those can be managed same as other files - like: moved between containers, renamed, labeled. Additionally supported media and bookmarks of pages with embedded media information - can be quickly previewd in: image viewer, video viewer or direct in-container audio playback.

Currently extension supports two storage modes - local and server based. With server mode - extension stores settings and files on the server. As for today Nimi Places 20110830 comes with server feature, which not only can store extension data, but also translates requests and responses between server and extension (like sharing supported by extension containers).

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Organizes desktop into containers, displaying files and folders.

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