Nimi Web Cleanser 20110808 released.

Today latest version of Nimi Web Cleanser was released - an revision, now shields based for better adjustment.

User can change which shields should be used by default, but also can adjust those settings per webpage domain.

Some of the available shields:

  • Blocks check - Pattern checks DIV elements class, name and id. Those can nest other elements.
  • Anchors check - Pattern checks anchors target addresses.
  • Images check - Pattern checks images source addresses (only IMG elements). Images can be used for data submission.
  • Objects check - Pattern checks data information of OBJECT elements (used to embedd plugins, media files and other).
  • Scripts check - Pattern checks SCRIPT elements source or their content (up to 1024 characters). Those can be used to inject on page content or data submission.
  • Frames check - Pattern checks source address of IFRAME elements. Those can nest other elements.
  • Smart check - Enhances previous shields with:

    • Size pattern check - for images and IFRAME elements for common sizes.
    • Empty parent pattern check - checks if parent is empty after DIV removal.
Nimi Web Cleanser 20110808

  • Added browseraction indication of running shields.
  • Added default shields configuration to settings.
  • Added smart shield, block shield, images shield, script shield, object shield, frame shield.
  • Revised code.
  • Changed - removed domain whitelist from settings - as shields can be toggled individually per domain.
  • Changed icon to shield instead of soap.
  • Changed popup activation and status indication display method from pageaction to browseraction button.
  • Changed to shields - modules can be toggled individually.
  • Changed version incrementation system from 0.0.0 to optional build after dot).
  • Removed detected elements statistics/count.
  • Removed detected elements whitelisting.
  • Temporarily removed italian and german translation.

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