Nimi Visuals 20100320

This version is to be considered as first release candidate of 10.5 Diamond Dust branch, it is highly recommended to download this update.

Nimi Visuals 20100320

  • Improved reactive event detection mechanism.
  • Improved uac compatibility.
  • Increased compatibility with x64 architecture.
  • Reorganized language library to new linear format. optimized memory usage.
  • Fixed nimigpu now correctly detects software mode (worst quality is choosen then in favour of better performance).
  • Fixed on activation event handling.
  • Fixed tray related positioning (like of nimi center).
  • Complete revision of api declarations - and update of related code: effects, core, event mechanisms, components etc.
  • Other changes, fixes and updates.

Mentioned projects

Nimi Visuals
Adds eye-candy effects to windows like deformations, physics and other SFX.

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