Nimi is currently in midst of restructurization, updating page as well as all projects - which is why there was a delay in posting changelogs for following projects.

Nimi Places 20110418

  • Added drag & drop from (drag & drop to was there already) support for patchwork image collections viewing.
  • Added option to select and copy to clipboard part of images in image viewer (custom shapes, and circle - depending on key modifiers).
  • Added placetime - time and location based container visibility settings.
  • Added psd thumbnails support.
  • Changed container loading mechanism.
  • Fixed hash function - lowered number of possible collisions.
  • Other updates, fixes and changes.
Nimi Indicator Weather 20110422

  • Updated compressor.
  • Updated patterns.
  • Changed gui look and icon.
  • Other updates, fixes and changes.
  • Updated compressor.
  • Updated recalculation event toggling.
  • Changed display from taskbar based to desktop based.
  • Changed gui look and icon.
  • Fixed sunrise and sunset time calculations.
  • Other updates, fixes and changes.

Mentioned projects

Nimi Places
Organizes desktop into containers, displaying files and folders.
Nimi Indicator Weather
Shows weather conditions fetched from given web address as taskbar task.
Nimi Indicator Moonrise
Displays estimated remaining day/night length on the desktop as numeric timer.

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