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How to change patterns?

To change patterns:

  1. Open extension settings.
  2. Press button with two circles and one triangle for patterns settings.
  3. Click on field next to pattern type description. Remove focus to save changes.
  4. Press "Restore default" button to restore default example patterns.
What shields should be enabled for best effects?
Technically each shield monitors some aspect and their use should be adjusted to browsing needs. In settings user can find short description of each shield: to what it applies, for what those can be used etc.
What to do if too many elements are removed?

If too many elements are removed user may:

  • Disable shields one by one to identify which shield causes elements removal.

    Shields strength

    Order of shields on the list mostly resembles their strength - with block shield the strongest.

  • If problem remains pattern adjustment is recommended to reduce number of false positives.

    Pattern scope

    Limiting pattern scope can reduce detection sensivity - number of false positives, but also positives.

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