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How to change patterns?

To change patterns:

  1. Open extension settings.
  2. Press button with two circles ​and one triangle ​for patterns settings.
  3. Click ​on field next to pattern type descrip­tion. Remove focus to save changes.
  4. Press "Restore default" button to restore default example patterns.
What shields should be enabled for best effects?
Technic­ally each shield monitors some aspect ​and their use should be adjust­ed to brows­ing needs. In settings user can find short descrip­tion of each shield: to what it applies, ​for what those can be used etc.
What to do if too many elements are removed?

If too many elements are remov­ed user may:

  • Disable shields one by one to identify which shield causes elements removal.

    Shields strength

    Order of shields ​on the list most­ly resembles their strength — with block shield the strongest.

  • If problem remains pattern adjust­ment is recommend­ed to reduce number of false positiv­es.

    Pattern scope

    Limiting pattern scope can reduce detec­tion sensi­vity — number of false positiv­es, but also positiv­es.

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