Features of Nimi Web Cleanser


  • Domain settings fallback
    If settings aren't found for subdomain - higher domain in hierachy is checked.
    Default shields
    Default shield behavior can be adjusted.
    Individual settings
    Shields behaviour can be set individually per website domain.
    Changable patterns
    Filtering patterns can be changed.
    Pattern subscription support
    Patterns can be subscribed.
  • Visual shield
    Filters page visually for advertisements blocks and blocked content.
    Images shield
    Filters image requests. Images can be used to display advertisments or tracking.
    Objects shield
    Filters requests used to retrive objects. Objects can be used to display interactive/animated advertisments.
    Frames shield
    Filters frame loading requests. Frames can be used to nest other types of advertisments.
    Requests shield
    Filters scripts loading and XHR requests. Such requests can be used for dynamically inserting advertisments or tracking.
  • English
    This project has inbuilt English localization.
    Ten projekt posiada wbudowaną Polską lokalizacje językową.
  • Online help
    Project has online help - documentation, frequently asked questions - section.

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