Features of Nimi Web Cleanser


  • Online help
    Project has online help - documentation, frequent­ly asked questions - section.
  • English
    This project has inbuilt English localization.
    Ten projekt posiada wbudowaną Polską lokalizacje językową.
  • Changable patterns
    Filt­ering patt­erns can be changed.
    Individual settings
    Shields behaviour can be set individu­ally per website doma­in.
    Default shields
    Default shield behavior can be adjust­ed.
    Domain settings fallback
    If settings aren't found for subdoma­in - higher doma­in in hierachy is checked.
    Pattern subscription support
    Patt­erns can be subscribed.
  • Shields

    Images shield
    Filt­ers image requests. Images can be used to dis­play adv­ertisments or tracking.
    Objects shield
    Filt­ers requests used to retrive objects. Objects can be used to dis­play int­eractive/animat­ed adv­ertisments.
    Frames shield
    Filt­ers frame loading requests. Frames can be used to nest other types of adv­ertisments.
    Requests shield
    Filt­ers scripts loading and XHR requests. Such requests can be used for dynamic­ally inserting adv­ertisments or tracking.
    Visual clearing
    Checks page for adv­ertis­ment blocks.