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  • UpdatedJun 8, 2014
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License agreement appendix

All trademarks belong to their respective Owners. EXTENSION tries to match environment look for USER use intuitiveness in good faith and believe of its rightfulness. EXTENSION standard patterns should be used only as reference for possible semi-heuristic malicious advertisements and tracking patterns; EXTENSION USERS are encouraged to change patterns depending on their experiences to clean only malicious advertisements and tracking. Non-malicious advertisements and tracking cleaning - including, but not limited to disrupting those work - is to be forbidden by LICENSOR as not intended use of THIS EXTENSION. LICENSOR on request is willing to suggest solutions, to extent of LICENSOR applicable knowledge - which might help prevent cleaning of non-malicious advertisements and tracking. Information above is non-binding for LICENSOR and intended for general information purposes only - as for the maximum extent permitted by law - including, but not limited to - defending, indemnifying and holding harmless LICENSOR against any direct or non direct claims and actions. THIS LEGAL NOTICE is provided in good faith and believe of its rightfulness.

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In order to download us­ing download manager it must support POST type downloads. However, considering small size of most of projects (below 1 mb) we recommend us­ing browser in-built download system (if avail­able).
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