Changelog of Nimi Web Cleanser


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  • 20140608

      • Revised page loading state changes handling.
  • 20140506

      • Changed property used for main document hiding.
  • 20140504

      • Changed per page settings management from browser action to page action.
  • 20140209

      • Changed size map to switch.
  • 20130601

      • Changed update url to internal id specified.
  • 20130531

      • Changed object filter to redirect to void instead of cancelling.
  • 20121113

      • Changed observation method.
  • 20120324

      • Changed drop method to hidding.
      • Changed settings saving methods.
      • Previous shields now selectively merged to new visual clearing shield.
      • Updated browser action badge - now background opacity indicates number of used shields.
      • Updated smart space now being part of smart drop.
  • 20120211

      • Changed gui.
      • Changed icon.
      • Changed node insertion lookup method.
  • 20120115

      • Changed detection sequences.
      • Changed nodes removal approach to try to remove when detected, instead of queue for later removal.
  • 20110918

      • Changed object shield, to be enhanced by block shield when enabled (along with smart shield).
      • Changed pattern storing method.
  • 20110808

      • Changed - removed domain whitelist from settings - as shields can be toggled individually per domain.
      • Changed icon to shield instead of soap.
      • Changed popup activation and status indication display method from pageaction to browseraction button.
      • Changed to shields - modules can be toggled individually.
      • Changed version incrementation system from 0.0.0 to optional build after dot).

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