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  • 20150216

      • Added support for images data-src.
  • 20141111

      • Added removing of report-uri content security policy header.
  • 20140825

      • Added incongito tabs id cache.
      • Added use of content security policy header.
  • 20140506

      • Added support for dynamically inserted frames filtering.
  • 20140504

      • Added 38px size icons.
  • 20140207

      • Added different browser action icons depending, whether page is loaded from cache etc.
  • 20131128

      • Added support for out of frames context requests filtering.
  • 20131122

      • Added storage buffering.
  • 20120327

      • Added automatic patterns update via subscription notification.
  • 20120324

      • Added 4 requests shields: images, objects, frames and requests shield.
  • 20120115

      • Added domain name hierarchy settings lookup, when subdomain doesn't have own settings.
      • Added new shield "overlay shield".
      • Added size patterns.
      • Updated smart check enhancements (added size detection by stylesheet for some elements and improved empty space detection).
  • 20110918

      • Added reset pattern button.
  • 20110901

      • Added "disable all button" in popup.
  • 20110808

      • Added browseraction indication of running shields.
      • Added default shields configuration to settings.
      • Added smart shield, block shield, images shield, script shield, object shield, frame shield.
  • 20110306

      • Added img uri patterns.
  • 20110227

      • Added elements statistics and exclusion manager for some of detected elements in addressbar popup.
      • Added support for excluding some of detected elements on given page.

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