Changelog of Nimi Visuals


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  • 20140225

      • Remov­ed checking ​for "default" local­ization file.
  • 20130101

      • Remov­ed color cast from close puff effect.
  • 20121224

      • Remov­ed graphics helper module.
  • 20120828

      • Remov­ed effects color picking dialog.
      • Remov­ed gdi thumbnail service.
      • Remov­ed transparent ​and aurora window fade effects.
  • 20111204

      • Remov­ed gui fade in/out transi­tions.
      • Remov­ed nimi sync support.
  • 20111009

      • Remov­ed fade effect from thumbnail library.
  • 20110819

      • Remov­ed applica­tion path adding to enviro­ment paths list.