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  • 20140130

      • Changed collec­tions locking mechanism (updat­ed pre­vious).
  • 20131011

      • Changed effects loading ​and unloading sequence.
      • Changed non-specialized muxers to transactional.
  • 20130509

      • Changed "new version available" notifica­tion.
  • 20130407

      • Changed gui color scheme.
  • 20130310

      • Changed start menu aurora effect timing func­tion.
  • 20130101

      • Changed dependencies update to con­ditional.
  • 20121006

      • Changed anima­tion timing.
      • Changed process­ing prio­rity ​for start menu ​and window minimize etc. effects.
  • 20120930

      • Changed system window effects dis­abling from system wide to per window.
      • Changed thumbnail hosting method.
  • 20120829

      • Changed components load sequence.
      • Changed jel­ly windows effect timing & queuing.
  • 20120828

      • Changed event pass­ing cha­in.
  • 20120203

      • Changed effects transi­tion settings to smoother.
      • Changed gui header style.
  • 20111204

      • Changed "emergency mode" to pre­vious passive event detec­tion.
      • Changed gui.
      • Changed icons.
      • Changed tray notifica­tion nimi visuals menu.
  • 20110819

      • Updat­ed — focus effect now it should fade out when dis­abled.
      • Updat­ed changed effects numera­tion (requir­es re-toggling effects after update).
      • Updat­ed/revised — kinetic effect, now it con­sider screen bounds ​and edge rebound.
  • 20110611

      • Changed libraries reference storage method.
  • 20110607

      • Complete revision-previous changelogs obsolete.
  • 20100722

      • Changed "one more thing" window to — "what to know?" which now con­tains useful informa­tions to get start­ed with — enjoy more nimi visuals.
      • Reactive event detec­tion mechanism can be now chosen ​on 64bit when above is toggled ("show advanced ​and experimental featur­es").
      • Window thumbnailing engine can be now changed after toggling above ("show advanced ​and experimental featur­es").
  • 20100720

      • Some other changes.
  • 20100222

      • Splitt­ed ​on crea­tion effects ​in two categories, with different process­ing mechanism(rewrit­ten mechanims ​for all ​on crea­tion effects).
      • Updat­ed compr­essor, now program directory can be choosen ​on start.

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