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  • 20140727

      • Added con­sidera­tion of workarea to warp ​on edges effect.
      • Added limit­ed support ​for custom dpi settings.
  • 20140225

      • Added automatic local­ization choos­ing to systems language — if avail­able ​and custom not set.
      • Added miss­ing requir­ed components detec­tion.
  • 20140202

      • Added x86 bridge re-connec­tion.
  • 20131020

      • Added detec­tion ​and correc­tion of invalid automatic start with system — execut­able path value.
      • Added error messages ​for routin­es denied requir­ed permissions.
  • 20130404

      • Added gui change ​for newer operational systems.
  • 20130101

      • Added applica­tion status informa­tion to tray icon tooltip.
  • 20121224

      • Added composit­ed bitmaps cache.
      • Added pixi dust particles rota­tion ​and kinetics.
      • Added start menu fade effect: aurora.
      • Added window fade effects: aurora ​and shuffle.
  • 20120930

      • Added thumbnails blur (limit­ed ​for performance).
  • 20120829

      • Added saving of last setting window posi­tion.
  • 20120828

      • Added new thumbnail service.
      • Added start menu fade effects: jellify ​and fold.
      • Added window fade effects: jellify, liquify, fold ​and twirl.
  • 20120203

      • Added diagnostic tool.
  • 20111204

      • Added help sec­tion.
      • Added puff effect.
  • 20111009

      • Added x64 version.
  • 20110819

      • Added effect window edge warp.
      • Added option to change colour used by effects (by default system color­ization).
      • Added option to visit changelog page after update.
      • Added window wrapper library — as to fill list of avail­able windows ​on applica­tion start.
  • 20110705

      • Added emergency mode — us­ing passive event detec­tion engine.
      • Added option to change account ​for nimi sync.
      • Added option to force emergency mode.
  • 20110611

      • Added maximize event detec­tion.
      • Added maximize event remov­es window from move muxer.
  • 20110607

      • Added effects ​on activa­tion: focus screen, window jump, window shifting, fade inactive.
      • Added effects ​on move ​or resize: jel­ly windows, pixie dust, fade windows, kinetic windows, kin­esis.
      • Added effects ​on visibi­lity change: fade, aurora.
      • Added local­ization support.
      • Added new core.
      • Added nimi store, nimi sync support.
      • Added x64 support — shar­ed core.
  • 20100722

      • "show advanced ​and experimental featur­es" was add­ed aga­in to center it shows more featur­es etc.
      • Added "thumbnail streaming" — visible after toggling above ("show advanced ​and experimental featur­es") — current­ly affects window deforma­tion effects like jel­ly windows. it updat­es window con­tent while deforming (non-layer­ed).
      • Added "what to know?" beside of those above, has useful "cocoa cups calculator" — which approximat­es number of cocoa cups that could be pre­par­ed ​and drank during highly approximat­ed develop­ment time.
      • Added additional passive event detec­tion mechanism — it doesn't support ​on move etc. events, simplify­ing is non-constant detec­tion(shell relat­ed).
  • 20100411

      • Added link to online services page.
  • 20100314

      • Added new package category tools accessed direct­ly from nimi center — current­ly there are two relat­ed to taskbar changing size of applica­tion pre­views ​and alt-tab ones.
  • 20100227

      • Added perspective fade effect (nimigpu).
  • 20100222

      • Added bulgarian transla­tion.
      • Added progr­ess dialog ​for changing settings.
  • 20100218

      • Added new swedish transla­tion.

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