Features of Nimi Sight


  • Features intended to enhance image viewing.

    Adaptive background
    Viewed images can be displayed on special background, which matches average coloristic of image and boosts their reception by smoothing composition.
    Voice notification
    If enabled, it can provide spoken notifications dependent on viewed image type and collection - like page change, chapter (or issue) change or just simply current bookmarking status.
    Navigation slider
    Images in collection can be quickly changed by using navigation slider.
    Hotkey navigation
    Hotkeys like basic left-right arrow key presses can be used to navigate inside collection or trigger various features like enter to switch to fullscreen.
  • Image organization related features.

    Smart image adding
    When adding directory not only top level is checked for images, but sub directories as well.
    Bookmarks allow to keep track of last image viewed in given collection.
  • Various core features.

    Is capable of checking for updates and autoupdating.

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