Features of Nimi Sight


  • Adaptive background
    View­ed images can be dis­play­ed ​on special background, which matches average coloristic of image ​and boosts their recep­tion by smoothing composi­tion.
    Voice notification
    If enabled, it can provide spoken notifica­tions dependent ​on view­ed image type ​and collec­tion — like page change, chapter (or issue) change ​or just simply current bookmarking status.
    Navigation slider
    Images ​in collec­tion can be quick­ly changed by us­ing naviga­tion slider.
    Hotkey navigation
    Hotkeys like basic left-right arrow key pre­sses can be used to navigate inside collec­tion ​or trigger various featur­es like enter to switch to fullscreen.
  • Smart image adding
    When adding directory not only top level is checked ​for images, but sub directories as well.
    Bookmarks allow to keep track of last image view­ed ​in given collec­tion.
  • Autoupdate
    Is cap­able of checking ​for updat­es ​and autoupdating.

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