Images of Nimi Places

Nimi Places thumbnails and PlaceTime remebered locations cache can be cleared using inbuilt dialog.
Nimi Places thumbnails ​and PlaceTime remeber­ed loca­tions cache can be clear­ed us­ing inbuilt dialog.


Images above might have been digitaly enhanced/retouched and might not present latest project build.

Related features

Image thumbnails
It generat­es own image thumbnails ​for crisp, high qua­lity image thumbnails.
Video thumbnails
It generat­es own video thumbnails ​for possible formats to provide easy identifica­tion of video files.
PSD thumbnails
It has support ​for dis­play­ing PSD image format embedd­ed thumbnails.
Display properties
Contain­ers can be set to be dis­play­ed only ​at given loca­tion, hourly schedule ​or condi­tion (e.g: specific foreground window title).

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