Features of Nimi Places for Web


  • Smooth scrolling
    Contain­ers can be smooth scrolled either by mouse dragging ​or keyboard.
  • View modes (in Places)
    Places type contain­ers can dis­play items us­ing one of two avail­able layouts — either as icon grid ​or multi-column list.
  • Server mode
    Settings ​and files can be stor­ed ​on the server.
    Local storage
    Settings ​and files can be stor­ed loc­ally.
  • Recently viewed
    Displays list of recent­ly view­ed pages, sort­ed by vists count.
    Apps list
    Displays list of installed applications.
  • English
    This project has inbuilt English localization.
    Ten projekt posiada wbudowaną Polską lokalizacje językową.
  • Percentage layout
    Contain­ers are snapped by percentage to window area to keep set layout.
    Auto color adjust
    Contain­ers default colors are adjust­ed to current wallpaper coloristic.
    Adjustable wallpaper
    Wallpaper image can be changed by drag & dropping image.
  • Container name label
    Place type container can show customiz­able name label either ​on top ​or bottom of the container to help dis­tinguish from each other.
    Customizable elements order
    Elements can be individu­ally arranged ​and their order will be pre­serv­ed.
    Labels can be used to organize files & fold­ers, by highlighting those with one of avail­able colourful labels.
    Detailed search
    Search collection ​on detailed search page
    Navigation bar search
    Search collection from navigation bar with suggestions ​and quick navigation ​for matching queries
  • Image viewer
    Images can be view­ed direct­ly from container us­ing inbuilt image viewer.
    Bookmarks thumbnails
    Bookmark thumbnail is generat­ed depending ​on bookmarked page data like favicon ​or embedd­ed image information.
    Video thumbnails
    It generat­es video thumbnails ​for possible formats to provide easy identification of video files.
    Image thumbnails
    It generat­es thumbnails ​for images.
    Media preview
    Video ​and audio files can be pre­view­ed direct­ly from container us­ing inbuilt media player front-end.