Features of Nimi Places for Web


  • Image thumbnails
    It generates thumbnails for images.
    Video thumbnails
    It generates video thumbnails for possible formats to provide easy identification of video files.
    Media preview
    Video and audio files can be previewed directly from container using inbuilt media player front-end.
    Image viewer
    Images can be viewed directly from container using inbuilt image viewer.
    Bookmarks thumbnails
    Bookmark thumbnail is generated depending on bookmarked page data like favicon or embedded image information.
  • Container name label
    Place type container can show customizable name label either on top or bottom of the container to help distinguish from each other.
    Detailed search
    Search collection on detailed search page
    Navigation bar search
    Search collection from navigation bar with suggestions and quick navigation for matching queries
    Customizable elements order
    Elements can be individually arranged and their order will be preserved.
    Labels can be used to organize files & folders, by highlighting those with one of available colourful labels.
  • Percentage layout
    Containers are snapped by percentage to window area to keep set layout.
    Auto color adjust
    Containers default colors are adjusted to current wallpaper coloristic.
    Adjustable wallpaper
    Wallpaper image can be changed by drag & dropping image.
  • Recently viewed
    Displays list of recently viewed pages, sorted by vists count.
    Apps list
    Displays list of installed applications.
  • English
    This project has inbuilt English localization.
    Ten projekt posiada wbudowaną Polską lokalizacje językową.
  • Local storage
    Settings and files can be stored locally.
    Server mode
    Settings and files can be stored on the server.
  • View modes (in Places)
    Places type containers can display items using one of two available layouts - either as icon grid or multi-column list.
  • Smooth scrolling
    Containers can be smooth scrolled either by mouse dragging or keyboard.

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