Nimi Places 20101120 released

As changelog ​for last October version (20101031) wasn't published, it will be combin­ed with 20101120 one — especi­ally as those two builds were part of same update line.

Nimi Places 20101120

  • Added "add" menu with widgets.
  • Added asynchronous loading of thumbnails into con­tain­ers.
  • Added box widget — boxes allow to change visibi­lity of collec­tion elements put inside those by clicking those.
  • Added current scroll indica­tion.
  • Added option to stick con­tainer to desktop.
  • Added tooltip support ​for widgets.
  • Added visible ​and hidden state ​for elements ​in con­tain­ers.
  • Added widget supports — more events, ​and actions as well as loading mechanism.
  • Enabled layer mod­es.
  • Improv­ed cache ​and flushing thumbnails.
  • Rewrit­ten paths type con­tainer.
  • Changed method of saving ​and loading con­tain­ers data (like labels, order).
  • Container order options against other windows are now grouped under layer menu.
  • Merged 70-80% of con­tain­ers into one.
  • Regrouped menu entries — filt­ers are now ​in appearance menu sec­tion.
  • Scroll snapping snaps to view instead of ele­ment now.
  • Split thumbnail cache into shar­ed (like extensions) ​and non shar­ed.
  • Fixed batch renaming.
  • Fixed flickering when loading system theme ​for places type con­tainer.
  • Fixed flickering when rescaling.
  • Fixed pre­cision ​for clicking widgets.
  • Fixed shortcut reader — shortcuts paths should be now read correct­ly.
  • Fixed some fonts area issue.
  • Fixed some synchro­nization issues ​and updat­ed parallel opera­tions execu­tion.
  • Remov­ed jumping items.
  • Remov­ed masking.
  • Remov­ed running execut­able indicator.
  • A lot of other changes, fixes ​and updat­es.
  • Now item text is dis­play­ed ​on bottom.
  • When hovering over running execut­able, thumbnails of its windows are shown ​in a tooltip. addition­ally windows can be focused by clicking ​or hovering.

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Nimi Places
Organizes desktop into con­tain­ers, dis­play­ing files ​and fold­ers.

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