Nimi Visuals 20100722 released

Nimi Visuals 20100722

  • "show advanced ​and experimental featur­es" was add­ed aga­in to center it shows more featur­es etc.
  • Added "thumbnail streaming" — visible after toggling above ("show advanced ​and experimental featur­es") — current­ly affects window deforma­tion effects like jel­ly windows. it updat­es window con­tent while deforming (non-layer­ed).
  • Added "what to know?" beside of those above, has useful "cocoa cups calculator" — which approximat­es number of cocoa cups that could be pre­par­ed ​and drank during highly approximat­ed develop­ment time.
  • Added additional passive event detec­tion mechanism — it doesn't support ​on move etc. events, simplify­ing is non-constant detec­tion(shell relat­ed).
  • Updat­ed compr­essor.
  • Updat­ed some components.
  • Changed "one more thing" window to — "what to know?" which now con­tains useful informa­tions to get start­ed with — enjoy more nimi visuals.
  • Reactive event detec­tion mechanism can be now chosen ​on 64bit when above is toggled ("show advanced ​and experimental featur­es").
  • Window thumbnailing engine can be now changed after toggling above ("show advanced ​and experimental featur­es").
  • Some gui update.

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Nimi Visuals
Adds eye-candy effects to windows like deforma­tions, physics ​and other SFX.

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