Nimi Places 20190721 released

Build 20190721 of Nimi Places address hash collision possibility, fixes initialization issues and many other issues.

Build 20190721 of Nimi Places fixes that during initialization it could freeze due to parallel initialization sequence going out of order, secondly and most importantly build changes hashing method as to address issues with possible collisions.

Build also brings multiple optimizations and fixes.

Please mind that due to change of hashing method - only container bounds remembered for primary display will be restored.

Hashing method and container bounds on secondary displays

As hashing method changes - hash for given display and display configuration changes as well. As an result new hash might not match remembered - hashed with previous method.

Why existing hashes cannot be converted to new hashing method?

Simplifying, hashing is a one way process of mapping data of given size into one of fixed size. This means that it is possible for hashing method to output the same hash for different input - resulting in collision.

Nimi Places 20190721

  • Optimized character range conversion to hex to be branchless.
  • Optimized container compositor.
  • Optimized container loading and unloading.
  • Optimized container scrolling with scrollbar.
  • Optimized converting long path to normal path.
  • Optimized database boolean operations.
  • Optimized generating place and flags lookup string.
  • Optimized generating text with shadow.
  • Optimized registry access error notification.
  • Optimized saving rotated images.
  • Optimized structures use by removing unnecessary constructors.
  • Revised container theme details saving.
  • Revised container theme loading menu adjustments.
  • Revised parallel initialization.
  • Changed hashing function.
  • Fixed clearing arrays to be re-used with erase.
  • Fixed container displaying in reversed order when no sorting is used.
  • Fixed container scrollbar horizontal position upon changing container theme.
  • Fixed container sub-directories files listing.
  • Fixed container visibility toggling could cause it remain hidden until container reload.
  • Fixed database keys removal not triggering saving.
  • Fixed getting file name without extension or directory name.
  • Fixed waiting until registry access is acquired.
  • Removed unnecessary concatenating when converting long path to normal path.
  • Other changes, fixes and updates.

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Nimi Places
Organizes desktop into containers, displaying files and folders.

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