Nimi Places 20190414 released

Build 20190414 of Nimi Places addresses stability issues and optimizes application performance.

Build 20190414 of Nimi Places revises multiple modules, brings optimizations and addresses stability issues.

Importantly, build focuses on improving backwards compatibility with older versions and future proofing.

Nimi Places 20190414

  • Added option to forget remembered container bounds.
  • Optimized display enumeration.
  • Optimized hash generating
  • Revised and optimized collections.
  • Revised backwards compatibility.
  • Revised container items text generation.
  • Revised container themes loading.
  • Revised error handling.
  • Revised rounding to multiple.
  • Changed container details saving format.
  • Fixed and revised rules.
  • Fixed container items text could not be disposed before generating new.
  • Fixed converting bytes to hexadecimal.
  • Fixed getting page colour dimensions being inverted causing error.
  • Fixed importing application database for backwards compatibility.
  • Fixed reading resources.
  • Fixed sorting by content and reversed order.
  • Removed clearing locations cache as was removed.
  • Removed importing container bounds in formats used before current.
  • Hardened error reporting before restoring lock.
  • Other changes, fixes and updates.

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Nimi Places
Organizes desktop into containers, displaying files and folders.

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