Nimi Places 20190309 released

Build 20190309 of Nimi Places addresses multiple issues and brings multiple revisions and optimizations.

After over 2 months since the last build, today we release the latest build 20190309 of Nimi Places addresses multiple issues and brings multiple revisions and optimizations - including error handling, registry access and application closing related.

Multimedia module has been revised and now allows playing multiple multimedia files simultaneously if supported.

Nimi Places 20190309

  • Added support for preventing shutdown while closing due to an error.
  • Optimized comparisons.
  • Optimized container bounds adjusting.
  • Revised application closing due to an error.
  • Revised application closing.
  • Revised caps lock checking conditional.
  • Revised enlisting for automatic startup.
  • Revised enumerating resource names.
  • Revised handling critical errors.
  • Revised multimedia module.
  • Revised reading bytes from files.
  • Revised registry access.
  • Fixed 10px grid not being DPI adjusted.
  • Fixed allowing shutdown occurring before closing memory handle.
  • Fixed detecting using visual styles on older operating systems.
  • Fixed double checking if caps lock is pressed for password field.
  • Fixed getting clipboard format could overflow.
  • Fixed image matrix calculations could overflow.
  • Fixed migration wizard initiated before creating resources.
  • Fixed some cues not ending with dots.
  • Fixed sorting by content.
  • Other changes, fixes and updates.

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Nimi Places
Organizes desktop into containers, displaying files and folders.

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