Nimi Places 20180619 released

Build 20180619 of Nimi Places addresses stability issues and updates updating module.

After month since the last release, today, we release the latest build 20180619 of Nimi Places, which addresses stability issues as well as updates updating module. Notably, license agreement changed.

We apologize users for stability issues of previous release as well as for delay in releasing an update addressing those.

Nimi Places 20180619

  • Added network resource navigation prompt.
  • Added protocol launching support.
  • Optimized path parts parsing functions.
  • Revised container items use counter synchronization.
  • Revised container keyboard input handling.
  • Revised container mouse input handling.
  • Revised controls invalidating.
  • Revised dynamic threads synchronization.
  • Revised image viewer.
  • Revised location detection.
  • Revised natural sorting.
  • Revised sub-directories quick enlisting.
  • Revised thread synchronization.
  • Revised updates modules.
  • Revised viewers initial bounds and positioning.
  • Updated license agreement.
  • Changed application lock state check to asynchronous.
  • Revised container location observing and changes handling.
  • Unified method retrieving desktop directory location.
  • Fixed and revised containers automatic positioning.
  • Fixed and revised drive type checking mutexing loop on multiple requests.
  • Fixed container search query builder could be accessed while changing without synchronization.
  • Fixed containers sub-directories observing releasing write lock when even not used on some conditions.
  • Fixed getting file or directory name.
  • Fixed looped variables zeroing.
  • Fixed non-file system shortcuts support.
  • Fixed protocol scheme parsing.
  • Fixed reloading containers and rules being called twice on settings window close.
  • Fixed retrieving path label.
  • Fixed settings window bottom panel layout not resumed.
  • Fixed shell detection endless loop.
  • Fixed timestamps conversions.
  • Fixed unused conditional branch in under mouse container item checking.
  • Other changes, fixes and updates.

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Nimi Places
Organizes desktop into containers, displaying files and folders.

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