Nimi Places 20171224 released

Build 20171224 of Nimi Places continues to address multiple minor issues affecting application stability.

Build 20171224 of Nimi Places continues to address multiple minor issues affecting application stability as well as improves its performance.

Also update server response was fixed.

Nimi Places 20171224

  • Optimized and reviewed API calls.
  • Optimized containers surfaces merging.
  • Optimized generating authentication token.
  • Optimized hashing algorithm.
  • Optimized hexadecimal color decoding.
  • Optimized loading data from streams.
  • Optimized menu icons scaling.
  • Optimized restoring containers order and item details.
  • Optimized streams processing.
  • Revised backwards support for importing text databases.
  • Revised directory observing toggling synchronization.
  • Revised generating web request parameter queries.
  • Revised operating system architecture detection.
  • Revised path redirection detection.
  • Revised process launching as different user credentials prompting and handling.
  • Revised processes launching.
  • Revised resources querying.
  • Revised rules management.
  • Revised shortcuts icons support.
  • Revised user profile path detection.
  • Revised window closing synchronization.
  • Changed checking for running from under Program Files location.
  • Changed container tiny icon size option to adjust to actually smallest one.
  • Changed image viewer custom shape selection precision to floating point.
  • Optimized directory observing to watch for only related location availability changes.
  • Fixed absolute to relative path conversion partially shared preceding path being truncated.
  • Fixed and changed to programmatic method - detecting system directories location on older 64-bit operational systems.
  • Fixed and revised checking for files changes.
  • Fixed and revised registry access synchronization.
  • Fixed container "open all" menu prompt being shown as OK only message box.
  • Fixed container sorting by creation time.
  • Fixed different safe handles types used for opening streams.
  • Fixed directory observing not finalizing.
  • Fixed increasing string capacity, when reaching specified maximum threshold.
  • Fixed mutexes saving skipping last to save.
  • Fixed place flags masking.
  • Fixed processes releasing.
  • Fixed remove and replace database operations returning incorrect result.
  • Fixed restoring one of rule types failing due to only returning failure result.
  • Fixed rules duplicating when changing type due to inconsistent id.
  • Fixed saving arrays in database with over 255 elements.
  • Fixed stream reading pointer adjustments.
  • Fixed sub-directories quick changes detection.
  • Fixed synchronous thumbnailing failure due to invalid handling extension-less files.
  • Fixed unnecessary saving not converted rules paths when performing absolute/relative paths conversion.
  • Fixed zeroing credentials password as well as credentials block if used.
  • General code cleanup and revision.
  • Other changes, fixes and updates.

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Nimi Places
Organizes desktop into containers, displaying files and folders.

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